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POL360 administration software offers tailor-made functionality required to deliver a host of services to you as the administrator and to the all-important members. It has been developed using the open source methodology. This is very beneficial to both developers and client.

Being open source, it utilizes the latest technology, never going out of date. The benefits of this models are also passed down to the clients using the software as there are no license fees payable, thus making the business more profitable. It is an internet based system so there is no need to have expensive infrastructure. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your data from anywhere, or when you have the screen open let me know and I will change it quickly

This also negates time-consuming and expensive installation costs. We employ two hosting organizations thus, ensuring maximum uptime for our clients. Complete system backups are taken hourly, so in the event of a catastrophic failure, we will always have the latest client data, providing peace of mind to our clients.

The developers have been in the insurance industry for a combined 39 years, so they have a thorough understanding of how the industry works, complying to all required legislation’s pertaining to the long-term insurance act so as the industry evolves, so does the system.

We understand that member communication is vital in keeping the member informed from inception to claim stage. We have a facility to send e-mails and SMS’s depending on client requirements. You can choose when and what kind of communication needs to be sent. This can be automated, eliminating the risk of end users forgetting, or you may keep it manual too.

Our commission’s module is customizable for each partner. There are multiple commission entities available, regulated commission, as well as the hierarchical agent/supervisor approach to commissions payable. Needless the say, the system caters for most commission model that pertains to the industry.

The system provides administrators with a large amount of flexibility in allowing different rights. For example. you wouldn’t want the data capture to have access to the financial figures, but this too is customizable according to the client’s needs. There are also audit records for each user and each action performed, allowing managers to draw statistics and enforce data accuracy.

The system currently has overĀ 130 reports, so almost any permutation of data can be extracted. Report automation is also available, so in the morning, when you open your e-mail, your statistics or whichever report you choose is in your inbox to be analyzed.

Brand awareness is vital for any company, we have thought about that too! The facility to capture members policy information in the field is also available, giving the member piece of mind that he or she is covered. We also provide the facility to do receipt capturing in the field with our hand-held devices. The device prints a receipt for the member for that transaction as well as the six preceding transactions allowing him/her to keep a history of what has been paid. Once the agent has returned, a cash-up of the takings for the day is performed, eliminating the risk of missing money.

The system incorporates online document storage for each member. Policy documents and the other important documents are uploaded onto each member and stored electronically allowing online access to required documents. Images can also be uploaded via a smartphone for a member. This is useful in getting documents to the required department almost instantly from wherever the member may be. An image of the ID document can be sent to the claims department within seconds for example.

We employ multiple collection methods interfacing with the various institutions directly. These include Persal deductions, S.A.S.S.A. Deductions via C.P.S. and debit order to all the major banks. We also accept cash collection via EasyPay and South Africa Post Office. Built in real-time interface with various banks, doing bank account number validation, affording the administrator a greater collection ratio due to data consistency.

Workflow is a very important aspect of anyone’s business, we have included that in the claims and the refund process, ensuring that no member falls through the cracks and your service offering is the best in the industry giving you a competitive edge.

Pol360 now integrated with byte money